Increase Browsing Speed of Opera, UC and Chrome Browser in Android

Android mobile is made for browsing internet with speed. Now these days network operators doesn’t provide good internet speed. Here we give you some settings and tricks for smooth browsing experiencing in popular android mobile browser. With that tricks you can see your browser browsing is too good comparing before. Try this tricks and settings in Google Chrome Browser, UC Browser and Opera Mini.

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Increase Browsing Speed in Popular Android Mobile Browser

# 1 Opera Mini

Opera Mini is one of the best android mobile browser for light speed browsing in android mobile. Opera Mini is cross device browser mean you can get this browser in all type of devices or OS. When we run java phone , we know opera mini is best for browsing internet in mobile. Now here we give you some more amazing trick , with that trick you can increase you browsing internet speed in android mobile. We all know when we any open page , images are consumed most of the data.

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With opera mini you change image quality high to low. When you download opera mini browser for android mobile from google play store , default image quality is low. High image quality is not good for 2g users. You can also remove the images when you browser the turned , this trick save your lots of data when you browse internet in opera mini.

Open Opera Mini Data Saver Settings.



Change Image quality to low or you can turn off for high-speed browsing in android mobile.



#2 UC Browser

Mostly user who doesn’t like Opera Mini use UC Browser in android mobile. UC Browser user interface is very good-looking. UC comes with many preloaded features like adblock and cloud integration. UC give you amazing speed in android mobile. You can also turn off your images for high-speed browsing in android mobile. You can set quality of images according to your net connection. If you use 2G network , we recommend low quality images or only text browsing.

Go to your UC Browser settings and Tap on Browsing Settings. (You can see browsing settings option below picture.)

UC Browser Only Text Browsing

UC Browser Only Text Browsing

Choose Image Quality  according your browsing speed.

UC Browser Only Text Browsing

UC Browser Only Text Browsing

#3 Google Chrome

Google chrome doesn’t offer turn off images or only text browsing option for high speed browsing. Actually Google Chrome offers Data Saver option for smooth browsing in android mobile with Google Chrome Browser. When you browse any website Google Chrome compress all browsing data. This options save lots of your data. Google also cache website for fast browsing in mobile. With Google Data Saver option you can browse any website , it doesn’t matter if that website is down or in maintainance.

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Most Important Top 10 Google Search Tricks

Open Google Chrome Settings in Google Chrome Browser app.



On Data Saver Options in Google Chrome Browser.



I think this guide helps you for increasing your browsing speed in android mobile. Share this tricks with your friends and save your data and experience smooth browsing in android mobile.

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