10 Most Amazing Prank Websites on Internet

Want some funny websites on the internet. Read this guide here we collect some websites from the internet. All these websites are created for trolling and pranking your friends. If you are not a computer genius and wanna show off with your friends.

Try all these websites on your PC and I sure you learn something new from this tutorial.

10 Most Amazing Prank Websites on Internet

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10 Most Amazing Prank Websites on Internet

1. Hackertyper

Hackertyper is one of the best websites on internet for trolling your friends that you are a hacker. With this websites , you can type like hacker and show someone that you are a hacker.


Hacker Typer

Geektyper is also a good website similar like hackertyper. But you get more features and themes in Geektyper, so try thesse websites in your computer and type like a hacker.


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2. Fakeupdate

Create Fake Window 7 and Window 10 update in your browser screen. With this method you can prank anyone. When you press enter in browser. Your browser screen shows blue screen death in your screen. This is one of the most amazing window pc pranks.

Create Fake Window Update in YOUR Browser

Fake Update

3. Create Fake Whatsapp Messages

Create Fake Whatsapp Chat from Downloading Yazzy App in your Android Mobile.

How to Create Fake Whatsapp and FB Messenger Conversations in Android

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4. Create Fake Facebook Status

With the help of this website you can create fake Facebook post with unlimited like and this look like real.

Create Fake Facebook Post Online

Create Fake Facebook Status
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5. Google Terminal

What Google would have looked like in the 80s? Open this website and type any search query, you get result in terminal. This is amazing and you feel like 80s is back.

Google Terminal

Google Terminal

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6. Red Button

Do not press red button on this website.

Red Button Website Prank

Red Button

7. Facebook Scary  Prank

Scare your friends from this website. This is one of the most amazing website on internet that look like facebook ghost profile.

Facebook Ghost Prank

Facebook Prank

8. Update Facebook Status from Any Fake Device like iPhone

Update Facebook status from any device like iPhone, Nexus and many more from this website. You can troll your friends by updating Facebook status from premium devices.

Update Facebook Status from iPhone Device

Update FB Status from any Device

9. Google Gravity

Feel the Gravity in your PC with this amazing websites.


Update FB Status from any Device

10. Crashsafari

Crash Web Browser of any pc or mobile from sending this website link. When your friends open crashsafari.com in his Phone and PC , his phone or pc got hanged and they must need to restart his phone for getting back to normal.


Copy above link in your browser for check its works on not in your phone and pc.

Source: Sending a Single Link can cause anyone smartphone to crash

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