10 Youtube Android App Tricks and Tips

We all use Youtube android app for watching Youtube Videos on the android mobile phone. So In this post, I show you how can you use this app as a pro user.

We collect some best youtube android app tricks.Try this trick in your phone and give your reviews in comments.

10 Youtube Android App Tricks and Tips

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10 Youtube Android App Tricks and Tips

1. Enable Limit Mobile Data Usage and Save your Data

Save your mobile data by Turning on this setting in Youtube Android App. Open Youtube settings and select General section. Under the General settings, you found Limit mobile data usage , just enable it and you save your mobile data.

Enable Limit Mobile Data Usage and Save your Data

2. Change Country/Content-Location in Youtube Android App

You can see  country based videos in your youtube app from changing content location. The benefit of this trick is, you can view country restricted videos in your android app.

All you need to do is open your youtube android app settings.

Settings>> General >> Content Location and select country.

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3. Enable Stats for Nerds and View info about Video

You get more about any video from enabling this button. You found this button in Youtube General Settings. Enable stats for nerds in General settings.

Enable Stats for Nerds and View info about Video

Now open any video in youtube android app. Select three dots or menu button and select stats option.

Here you see video stats with lots of info in your android mobile screen.

View Youtube Video Stats

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4. Clear Youtube Android App Search History

Clean your dirty youtube search history is very simple.

Open Youtube Android app settings. Select Privacy section. Under the Privacy select Clear search history and your all search history will be cleared from your android phone.

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5. Change Youtube Video Quality

Open any Video in youtube android app. Tap on three dots and select Quality. Select the quality you want to play in youtube player. (If you enable limit mobile data usage in settings, you can’t see 720p video quality in this settings.)

Change Youtube Video Quality

6. View Youtube Video in VR Headset

If you are using VR Headset and want to play video in VR mode. Just open any Youtube video and select Three dots from the right side.

Just open any Youtube video and select three dots from the right side.

Now select Cardboard option and your current video will be playing in VR mode.

View Youtube Video in VR Headset

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7. Add Videos in Watch Later Playlist

If you don’t have to time to watch the youtube video, so add that video to your watch later playlist. Tap on =+ this icon and save that video in your watch later playlist.

8. Save Youtube Video for Offline Watching

Download Youtube Video in your android mobile phone from Offline feature by youtube. Open any Youtube video and you see download button below the video. Just tap on it and select video quality. Tap on ok and your video will be downloaded on your phone.


9. Watch 360 Degree Video on Youtube

Search 360 Degrees Video in youtube app. Select 360 Degree video and channel and enjoy the 360-degree videos on your phone. Move your phone in any direction for seeing the 360-degree videos on the phone.

10. Control Youtube Android App Notifications

Open Youtube settings and select Notifications.

Youtube Android App Settings

Here you enable and disable youtube app notifications. If you don’t like too many mobile notifications just disable it.

Youtube Android Notification Settings

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