20 Important URLs That Every Google User Should Know

20 Important URLs That Every Google User Should Know


Google is much more than  a search engine. Google offers dozens of interesting services in Google URLs. In this post we collect 20 important Google URLs that every Google user should know about.

20 Important URLs That Every Google User Should Know

1. Android Device Manager

Find the location of your lost android phone from this website.  You can remotely wipe the data of your android phone with the help of this app.

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager
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2. View and Listen your Audio History

Google record every search term that you’ve ever spoken into their search boxes. You can also see a log of all your audio search queries from this url.

Google Voice and Audio History

View and Listen your Audio History

3. Remove Content from Google

If you ever find your content appearing on another website, you can raise a DMCA complaint with Google against that site to get the content removed. Google has a simple wizard to help you claim content and the tool can also be used to remove websites from Google search results that are scraping your content.

Remove Content from Google

Remove Content from Google

4. See all Saved Passwords

Google stores a list of usernames and passwords that you have typed in Google Chrome or Android for logging into various websites. They even have a website too where you can view all these passwords in plain text.

See all Chrome Saved Passwords

See all Saved Passwords

5. View all your Google WEB Activity

You can find and see your searches, browsing history, and other activity that’s saved to your Google Account in My Activity. You’re in control of what’s saved there, and you can delete past activity from your account.

View all your Google WEB Activity

View all your Google Web Activity

6. Google Fonts

Collection of the free fonts for your website and projects. Here you can find almost all type of fonts in many languages.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

8. Recently used Devices

Keep your account safe by staying up-to-date on your security settings. From this url, you can review which devices have been used to sign in your account and decide how we’ll let you know if there’s suspicious activity on your account.

Recently Used Devices

Recently used Devices in your Google Account

9. Signup without Gmail

Create a new Google Account using your existing email address. The regular sign-up process uses your @gmail.com address as your Google account username but with this special URL, you can use any other email address as your username.

Signup without Gmail

Signup without Gmail

10. Backup of your Data

You can easily export all your data out of the Google ecosystem. You can download your Google Photos, contacts, Gmail messages , Google Drive, Chrome History and even your YouTube videos. Head over the the Takeout page to grab the download links.

Backup of Your Data

Googke Takeout
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11. Google Map Location History

Did you knew that Google monitors and keeps track of all the places that you have visited using the help of your Android device?. Its kind of creepy to know about this, but it is a real and a less known fact. Whenever you use Google maps or Google now, these apps monitor and track your locations and save it on your Google location history.

Track your all location history from this url like this picture.

Google Location History

Google Map Location History

12. Google Security

Secure your Google account and Google services from this link. Here you can setup two-step verification in your Google Account and review your all Google security settings.

Google Security

Google Security

13. Create Google Alerts

Google Alerts is another service that I think very few people know about it. But I’ve listed this Google URL here because I found it very useful for every Google user. Actually, this service will help you to get email alerts of any company, product or anything you desire. Just visit the URL above and search for anything you wanna receive alert for.

Create Google Alerts

Create Google Alerts

14. Google Developers

Are your a programmer or developer, then you will definitely find this Google URL very useful and important to you. This URL features a variety of developer products and tool built specially for developers.

Google Developers

Google Developers

15.  Url Shortener

You can shorten URLs to make them easier to share using the Google URL shortener. For example, the short URL http://goo.gl/l6MS takes people to http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/making-urls-shorter-for-google-toolbar.html.

You cana also see how many people have clicked on your URL by visiting goo.gl.

Url Shortener

Google Url Shortner

16. Google Translate

Google’s Translate instantly translates your language to English and over 100 other languages. You can also listen your translated language from this website.

Google Translate

Google Translate

17. Learn How Google Apps Work

Know how Google Apps works with this website. Here you can find all type of tricks you can do with Google Apps, mostly user don’t know about this website.

Google Apps Training Center

Google Apps Training

18. Google Application Security and Bug Bounty Program

In this url you can find everything about Google bug bounty program and rewards.

Google Application Security and Bug Bounty Program

Google Application Security

19. Reverse Image Search

Google Reverse Search lets you search by images instead of keywords. Upload a picture from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, and Google will show all the other web pages on the Internet that have similar images. Reverse Search is useful for verifying the source of photographs, WhatsApp images, screenshots and memes.

Google Image Search

Google Images

20.  Inactive Account Manager

You need to login to your Gmail account at least once every 9 months else Google may terminate your account according to their program policies. This can be an issue if you have multiple Gmail accounts so as a workaround, you can setup your main Gmail account as the trusted contact for your secondary accounts. Thus Google will keep sending you reminders every few months to login to your other accounts.

Inactive account manager

Inactive Account Manager

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