10 Amazing New Tech Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed #4



Check out these top 10 new amazing technolgies, you didn’t know existed in this World. Here we make a list of best new tech gadgets from Internet.

10 Amazing New Tech Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed #4

1 AeroMobil: Flying car

The AeroMobil s.r.o. AeroMobil (variously also styled Aeromobil and AEROMOBIL by the manufacturer) is a Slovak prototype roadable aircraft, designed by Štefan Klein and first flown in 2013. The aircraft will be produced by AeroMobil s.r.o..

AeroMobil: Flying car

2. RideAir – The Next Generation Of Effortless Air Pumps

RideAir lets you inflate your bicycle tires at a push of a button, it’s that simple! A refillable multi-use portable air capsule. RideAir is the perfect solution for your bike‘s daily air pressure maintenance and sudden flats that always catch you off guard! Using compressed air and high-quality mechanisms, RideAir makes tire inflation a much simpler and quicker task by allowing urban cyclist to inflate their tires on-the-go, in literally seconds.


3. Quadrofoil

What is quadrofoil? Quadrofoil is a two-person electric powered hydrofoiling personal watercraft and the only vessel with a patented hydrofoil steering system.


4. Fontus – The Self Filling Water Bottles

Fontus is a self filling water bottle that allows you to plan your adventures without having to worry about heavy water loads or where to find the next river or gas station to get your water supply.


5. LANTERN – “The Swiss Army Knife of Flashlights”

Lantern is the perfect tool to have around in an emergency. Charge any USB device, light up a space for up to 90 hours, recharge quickly, use SOS strobe to be spotted from the air.

LANTERN – “The Swiss Army Knife of Flashlights”


The Coolbox features all of the classic storage and compartments you would want in a toolbox but with a modern twist. Recently featured on Shark Tank.


7. Tempescope – Ambient weather display for your home

The Tempescope is a physical weather display that can recreate various weather conditions (like rain, clouds, and thunder) in your living room.

Tempescope – Ambient weather display for your home

8. que Bottle: The Fashionable & Collapsible Travel Bottle

The only bottle that fits in your bag and matches your style. Unique spiral design shrinks the bottle without sacrificing good looks.

que Bottle: The Fashionable & Collapsible Travel Bottle

9.RotorX Racing

Experience flying for the first time. The ultimate first person view (FPV) micro-racing drone.

RotorX Racing

10. M1™ Electric Skateboard

Introducing the M1™ Electric Skateboard. With powerful dual in-wheel motors and the ability to change batteries on the fly, the M1 will introduce you to a whole new ride.

M1™ Electric Skateboard

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