This Wheel Turns Any Bike Into An Electric Vehicle In Just 60 Seconds

This Wheel Turns Any Bike Into An Electric Vehicle In Just 60 Seconds

Cycling really is the new driving. And because more and more people are opting to take a bike to work rather than a bus or car, bicycles with built-in electric motors for propulsion are hot items on the market.


If you’re the type of person who seeks to benefit the Earth, chances are you’ve looked into someday investing in your own. But what if, rather than spend over $1,000 on an electric bike, you could modify your own two-wheel vehicle by doing nothing more than exchanging a wheel? It’s possible, thanks to the genius of GeoOrbital, which has constructed a wheel that can easily be outfitted on any ordinary bike and turn it into an electric one.

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According to the site’s Kickstarter campaign, the GeoOrbital wheel can be popped onto one’s bike in less than sixty seconds. In addition, everything one could need to run the system – including a motor, battery, central unibody and the flat-resistant tire – are included in the package. Reportedly, the wheel has been tested with hundreds of bikes and works with units that fit a 26, 28, or 29-inch front wheel and rim breaks. The video below explains the installation process:

An added benefit of the GeoOrbital wheel is that it generates energy when one’s riding but not using it. That means coasting downhill, pedaling, or slowing to a stop refuels its power. On one charge, a cyclist can go approximately 50 miles at 20 mph. That’s not too shabby!

When the Kickstarter campaign was active, the company raised $1.2 million of its $75,000 goal. Now that the campaign is finished, one can pre-order the wheel and package deal for $800. Expect a delivery sometime in February 2017! Learn more by visiting GeoOrbital’s website.
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