Top 5 Amazing Backpacks You Need to See in 2017


This is the list of top 5 amazing backpacks that make your life easies in 2017.

5 Amazing Backpacks You Need to See in 2017

1. Beatbringer

The BeatBringer is a unique combination of design, extreme audio performance and portability. It consists of a cool lightweight hardshell backpack loaded with high end audio components. It is designed without compromise by a team of young engineers.


2. Lumos

A Commute Backpack with Integrated bike lights, Turn Signals and Automatic Brake Indication.

Lumos Backpack


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3. Joey

JOEY, the everyday backpack that gives your body a break. Based on technology from travel gear and inspired by minimalist design, they fundamentally changed countless features of conventional everyday backpacks. JOEY is their first masterpiece – versatile, sleek, and perfectly tailored to the human body. A full contact, super ergonomic back suspension system directs the weight towards your hips and lays JOEY right against your back.

Joey Backpack


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4. Backpaix

The first smart urban bag features stylish design, shoe pocket, side access, charge port, extensibility, weatherproof and eco-friendly.


5. Ampl Backpack

ntelligently recharge all your gadgets on-the-go, keep them safe from everyday abuse and monitor everything from our mobile app without opening a zipper. Never worry about running out of power again. AMPL’s intelligent power management system and integrated SmartBattery charges phones, tablets, and other gadgets through 6 USB outlets accessible inside every pocket. You can even charge laptops or other items you typically plug into the wall with an optional expansion battery and AC Inverter module.It’s a bag built for the journey.

Ampl Backpack

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