What is DLNA

How To Stream Media From Android To PC With DLNA Server 

DLNA is designed to act as a bridge between your various electronic devices, so you can watch a video from your PC on your big-screen TV, play an MP3 from your smartphone on your stereo, or send shots from the family photo album to your wireless printer via your tablet, it shouldn’t matter where your media is or what device you’re currently holding. then we can use AndroidDLNA server stream media to PCs with WIFI for home sharing.

Stream Media from Android To PC With DLNA Server

First your PC already build in Windows Media Player 12, then go to Stream option > Enable remote control of my player
Select a song on Android, then tap on select player option
Enable WIFI network on Android and Android will scan media player within network. Tapping on PC name allow Android connect to Windows Media Player.
Now play the song on android. you may notice the music stream to dlna Windows Media Playerand got sound from PC speaker
Photo and video

Start up Android photo album and tap on select player option. Turn on WIFI and search your PC within WIFI network, tap on PC name connect to WMP.
Windows Media Player start playing photos which stream from android phone automatically.

But these system are automated now you can find out more creativity on Google Play store 
you can find out more apps for your dlna service ..ex..

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