Customize your computer like Hacker

In this  post , I tell you how can you make your computer  look like hacker.
On Internet many softwares are come but only  some are useful.
Now I tell you best of them
  • Rainmeter 

    Rainmeter skins are helping you to get all the notification of your computers just on the desktop. Rainmeter themes are one kind of features that show you all the computers performance and all the running applications and functions like music player and song which you are listening at a time, CPU performance graph, CPU temperature, RAM’s used and performance, if viruses are affects on your computer that’s also can show instantly on your desktop, all the images you are most used watched or edits, HTML links which you are using mostly, just common but useful time and date with extra functions and Google calendars, weather reports with manually setting features, news feeds which you sets for getting instantly updates, all the computer desktop shortcut icons and folders, very useful notes which you have set for remember any things, what other family members or friends worked and used your computer and many more applications and features.
    Rainmeter skins provide us best and most useful desktop customization tools. Oh sorry! , not only most useful but it’s provide all of the customization tools and setting that catch your eyes easily. Rainmeter themes gives us an extra graphic designed new looks of our desktop. Rainmeter skins not load more to increase your CPU used, it’s also providing lighted installation even with extra graphics looks.


    This is software now you find a better skin for of my favorite is this


    You find more skin at Devianart   

    • Window Blind  

      WindowBlinds is a software utility that allows you to completely change the look and feel of Microsoft Windows.
      It works by applying new visual styles, called skins, across the entire user interface (title bars, push buttons, start menu, taskbar, etc.) of the operating system. As a result, you gain complete control over the way Windows looks.
      As good as someone might think Windows looks, it is a one-size fits all solution. WindowBlinds gives users thousands of new looks to choose from.
      With skins, WindowBlinds can change the look of:

        • Title bars
        • Borders
        • The Start bar
        • Progress animations
        • Explorer Views


      • and virtually every other part of Windows!


      • WindowFX

        Revolutionize your operating system with WindowFX. Utilize an unprecedented number of special effects for your windows and maximize your computing experiance

      • Screen Resizing: Enjoy time-saving window management features such as screen border resizing and window border maximizing.
      • Advanced Controls: Get more from the right-click menu with advanced controls.
      • Apply custom animations: Pick different animated effects for windows when they open, close, minimize and restore. (Requires Windows 7 or Vista with the DWM enabled)
      • Add more to your movements: Add Windows Flick actions to movements, fade windows when moving and add momentum so you can throw windows around on your monitor.
      • Remain focused on the task at hand: Make the active window stand out, make inactive windows fade away and automatically minimize background windows.

      Don’t lose your videos: On a multiple-monitor systems, keep Flash® videos fullscreen when you use apps on other monitors. Don’t let your video close simply because you’re working on your other monitor



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