Hide multiple files into a single .jpg file

Hide multiple files into a single .jpg file


 What I am going to tell about hiding multiple files into a single .jpg file, tis process is known as Binding, which most of us get confused with Steganography.

I  am going to explain how to bind files to a single image file.
                                                                                                                                    Steps involved:

  1. Compress the files as a single rar file and name give an appropriate name (hide.rar in my case)
  2. Copy the Image file (Image.jpg) and the rar file to the same folder
  3. In the command prompt, use the following command: Copy /b Image.jpg + hide.rar HiddenImg.jpg
  4. Now if you double click on the HiddenImg.jpg you would see the image as of the Image.jpg
  5. Now open in WinRar and you would find all the files under the Hide.rar

I have two documents file and an Image file.
This technique is also used by hackers to attack a remote computer.


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