How to Combine Your Facebook Cover Photo With Your Profile Picture

Cover photo is one of the silent features of timeline profile in Facebook. Your Facebook cover photo along with your profile picture is one way of providing uniqueness and beautiful look to your profile.

You must always try to make your profile look good to attract more users. Now you need to not worry about this because today i will tell you an awesome trick to combine your Facebook cover photo with your profile picture to enhance the look of your profile.
Here is a sample picture of what i am talking about

How to Combine Your Facebook Cover Photo With Your Profile Picture?

The process of merging your cover and profile photo is very simple. For this follow the instructions given below –

1. First of all open this website –

2. Now scroll down a bit below and select “Merge Profile and Cover Photo”. There are many other effects available there too, you may check them as well

3. Now select a photo to use. You have two options over here. The first one is uploading a new picture from your hard disk and the second one is using your current Facebook cover photo.

4. Select the area that you want to make as cover picture and that website will make profile picture accordingly. See the screenshot below. Click “Done” after the selection.

5. After you are done simply like their Facebook Fan page and download your profile photo and cover photo separately.

6. Now you simply need to upload these profile and cover photo to your Facebook profile.

Some really cool effects are below ..


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