Airdroid :Manage your Android from a web browser

 Did you bore to manage many file in your Android Phone ?, today we have a coolest app to manage all file in your Android phone or tablet. This app called “AirDroid”
AirDroid is our favorite tool for remotely accessing your smartphone. The app, which is free and available on the Google Play Store, uses your local Wi-Fi network to seamlessly connect your Android device to your PC or Mac. Once connected, you can interact with your phone from a Web browser or desktop widget, which gives you hardware information, battery life, and even access to your calls and messaging. It’s like a personalized link to your phone and all it has to offer. The best part is that it’s so easy to do. AirDroid doesn’t require any proprietary cables, subscription deals, or funky port forwarding. All you need is a wireless network, the AirDroid app, and a fairly modern computer.

How to use AirDroid ?

 It’s easily to connect your Android Phone or Tablet. We write step by step as below details.

 Your android phone and Your PC “must” to connected internet same WIFI network (this article is very important)
1. Install AirDroid app from Google Play store into your device (Android phone or tablet, this app compatible with Android 2.1 up)
* Google Play download link : AirDroid

2. In your PC desktop, open browser, and go to

 You will see this.Or you simply go to the given address 192.168.1.x

3. Back to your phone, open AirDroid app and then press a Camera icon to prepare read a QR code appeared on browser/PC

4. Take your phone to read QR code

 5. Now, your android phone or tablet connected with airdroid. You can manage all file, SMS, VDO, Image, you can operate anything you want via browser. It’s very comfortable.


 File Manager


Find Phone


Screenshot & Camera Control




 Call Feature


App Sync


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