Remove English audio from Dual Audio files and add a Title

In this tutorial we will look at how can you remove English Audio from Dual Audio .mkv (matroska) files. But that’s time you think why we remove english audio from dual audio files ? Answer is –because we want low memory ,nobody here want to see a movie in english ,tamil ya whatever extra type of audio files in your movie . The software I will use is mkvmerge GUI which is part of the MKVToolnix package. Both programs are available for Windows and Linux. Here I will use the Windows version.
Download mkvmergeGUI

Now Follow these Steps::

  •  This is the main window of mkvmerge GUI.
  • Press the add button and load your dual audio .mkv file.
  • The file information will now be loaded. At the bottom you can also specify the path for the outputted files. I chose to keep then in the same folder, which is what it will default to.

  • Now you see the Hindi and English Audio files  are loaded ,remove the tick which files are you want to remove .

You can also change the Title bar when your movie started like this .

  • Next click on the Global tab Now this area you write /remove Title whatever you want .

  • Now click on Input ,click bottom on start muxing and your file will we ready .

From these software you can also split files and add a subtitle file into .mkv file.

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