Free Phone Call with Facebook Android Messanger:Any Facebook User

Now a Free call avalible in India with Facebook Messanger .

Chat session is off call session is on.

    Facebook is bringing free VoIP calling to users of its Home and Android Messenger apps in the all world. The social network’s VoIP for Android and IOS has been available in US for a few months now, and Android users are already enjoying the service in 23 other countries. Stateside, the VoIP for Android will roll out over the course of the day, and it shouldn’t require a manual update

To start a VoIP call in Messenger you click the I icon on someone’s profile and then tap “free call”. In Home, you can start a call from a Chat Head by clicking the three dots beside a person’s name, opening the conversation in Messenger, and then following the steps above.

Start a VOIP call in Messanger 

  •  Slide your chat list ya open your messages ..which person you wanna call him

  •    Now click on that button that shows number 1
  • Now you see that Free Call option is up click on that and now your call is going ..

  •     This call is very fast even 2g is very clear voice …i can call my friend and he clearly hear my voice like a simple phone call ….its awesome …

Tips :

  • You First must install a latest Facebook app for your phone .
  • The person you wanna call online .

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