Top 15 Best Most Important Android Apps for Bloggers and Website Owner

Blogging is not just a hobby , with blogging you can earn lots of money. If you do blogging you always thing about blogging. Bloggers mostly use computer and laptops. If they leave from computer they pickup smartphones and android mobiles. I mean they always think about blogging. So here I post some best some android apps for blogger and website owner. With these android app blogger can do blogging with android mobile.



Top  15 Best Android Apps for Bloggers

1. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is on of the best browser for your android phone. We choose Dolphin for blogging in android because dolphin give you some best add-on for android like Alexa rank, IP checker and WhO-IS. With Dolphin browser you install lots of add-on for your browser. One of my favourite is Web to PDF. With this add-on you can change any webpage into readable pdf format.

Dolphin Browser

Download Dolphin Browser for Android 

2. Blogaway for Android

Blogaway android app is one of the best alternative for Blogger android app. Blogaway give you more control over your blogger blog. With this app you can write your blog post with all features.

Downlaod Blogaway for Android

3. Buffer

Buffer is one of my favourite status sharing service. Buffer allows you to share your status message simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin profiles. With buffer you can shedule your all blog posts links. Buffer also give you ability to control your facebook pages and groups. This is important app for sharing your blog posts links from your android mobile.

buffer app

Download Buffer App for Android

4. Feedly : Blog ,news and RSS Feed

With Feedly you can up to date with latest news and knowledge. Feedly is one of the best way for getting all latest news and trends in one place. Feedly is one of the best rss reader for your android mobile. If you are blogger this is good app for you.

feedly for android

Download Feedly for Android

5.  Facebook Page Manager

Facebook Page Manager is great android apps for every blogger and website owner. With this app you can get better control over your facebook pages. With this app you can promote your blog links and increase your audience.

facebook page manager

Downlaod Facebook Page Manager

6. Twitter

This time twitter is great platform for increasing your audiences. With Twitter you can attract lots of audience to your blog. Twitter is one of the best way for increasing your blog traffic from your android mobile.


Download Twitter for Android

7. Google Drive

Google drive  is one of the best cloud storage platform for bloggers. With google drive you can share and embed documents and other media files.  You can upload any files on google drive and share with your readers.

google drive for android

Download Google Drive for Android

8. WordPress

WordPress is biggest platform for blogger. WordPress android app give you full control over your blog, you can write ,edit and upload photos with this android app.

wordpress for android

Download WordPress for Android

9. Pingdom 

If you are a blogger you know about Pingdom website. Pingdom is a popular website for upsite monitoring service. With this android app you can monitor your website and other services.

pingdom app for android

Download Pingdom for Android

10. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is best analytics reporting system that made by Google. Now you can monitor you real time visitor and other analytics report from android mobile with the Google Analytics  android app.

google analytics for android

Download Google Analytics for Android 

11. Autodesk Pixler 
Autodesk is good tool for editing photos in android mobile. With this tool you can edit you blog post photos. Autodesk Pixler offers many type of tools and effects for editing your photos in android mobile.

autodesk pixler app for android

Download Autodisk Pixler for Android 

12. Google Adsense
Mostly blogger use Google Adsense for monitize his content. From this Google Adsense app you can monitor you earnings from android mobile.

google adsense

Download Google Adsense for Android 

13. SwiftKey Keyboard
Mobile default keyboard is not suitable for fast typing. Swiftkey Keyboard is most popular android apps in google play store. With this android app you can type very fastly and this is also best for your blogging.

swiftkey for android

Downlaod SwiftKey for Android 

14. Flipboard
Flipboard App is all in one news android app for your android Mobile. You can also apply for your blog on Flipbard. If you are member of flipboard you can get news from all popular blogs.

flipboard android app

Download Flipboard for Android 

15. Google Keep
Blogger mind always get new ideas ,with Google Keep you can save your all random ideas in one place. Google Keep synchronise your all ideas to Google Server, so you can access you all notes and save ideas from you pc.

google keep

Download Google Keep for Android 

So try all of these android app and keep blogging in Computer and Android Mobile.

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