Contact+: Best Contact Manger & Change your default Android Dialer

When you get a new phone you have a fun with phone .Nobody want the stock look of phone made by your OEM . So you wanna change them then you are a right place. 
Android Contact view app is very old fashioned so the look is not nice . Goole play there is a appp name contact+ is very rich in features and looks.

Introduction of Contact+

Android: Contacts+ is one of the most useful address books we’ve seen. It combines photos with information from all your connected services: Google and Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. One tap opens a contact card, another calls or emails a friend, and a few more catches you up with their digital lives.P

Your contacts are all shown with their portrait photo next to them (synced from Google+ or Facebook), and you can toggle groups and favorites so you only see the people that matter to you. Contacts+ features an integrated dialer, so you can browse and call right from within the app. The app will even merge duplicate contacts to keep everything organized. In addition to the services above, the app supports geolocation via Foursquare and text messages through WhatsApp. You can tap on any of the icons on the left side of the screen to see your friends’ latest updates on any connected service.

Change Your Android Default Dialer

With this app has a custom dialer which design is awesome

 Sync Photos With FB Contacts

Contacts+ also has a home screen widget for quick browsing and calling, displays your contacts in a photo grid or a traditional list, features light and dark themes you can switch between, and even alerts you to your friends’ birthdays so you remember to give them a call or send them a message.

Since our favorite address book for Android was acquired by Yahoo (and is subsequently no longer available to download), Contacts+ is a more than welcome alternative. The app works just as well on Android tablets as it does on phones, and has an optimized tablet version for large screens. Best of all, the app is totally free. Hit the link below to give it a try.
Contacts+ is your everyday contacts & dialer app, powered with text messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and much more – all in one place.

With Contacts+ you can send free and regular text messages without switching apps, auto-sync beautiful pics to your contacts from Facebook, and get birthday reminders so you’ll never forget a birthday again!
Contacts+ is the place to connect, however you want, with the people you care about!
★ Beautiful contacts design
★ Integrated Dialer, Call log and Messages list (swipe left/right)
★ Light / Dark themes
★ Groups & favorites contacts display
★ Grid / List contacts view
★ Smart contacts prioritization by Frequency or sort by A-Z / Recents
★ Send FREE & regular text messages to your contacts from one place
★ View contacts messages history (thread) in their profiles
★ Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Foursquare integrated in your contacts
★ Navigate to your contacts addresses from their profiles
★ Auto pictures and birthdays sync with Facebook, including cover photos
★ Auto pictures sync with Google+
★ Merge duplicate contacts (supports most devices)
★ Contacts widget
★ Birthdays reminders
★ Fast T9 & Gesture search by names, numbers, emails and company
★ Quick call – press & hold a contact pic to call from your main contacts screen
★ Speed dial


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