Create Backup of your Current ROM in Android

Backup of Rom is not easily so android developer’s make Nandroid  to make backup rom easily.

This tool is very handy when you change your ROM or try any new experiment on your android ,try this app to make backup of your stock ROM.

What’s a Nandroid Backup?

Nandroid, sometimes written as NANDroid, is a portmanteau for NAND flash memory, the type of permanent storage memory that your device uses, and Android. A Nandroid backup is a de-facto (by the hacking community) standard directory structure for backing up a perfect mirror image of your Android device. By doing this backup, you can save literally everything, from your own personal data to the system files.
Don’t believe me that it saves everything? It includes:
  • The operating system itself (so you can make a copy of your stock or custom ROM and return to it if desired)
  • All apps (including those you installed yourself or that came with the device)
  • All games and your progress in them
  • All pictures
  • All music
  • All videos
  • All text and picture messages
  • All wallpapers
  • All widgets
  • All ringtones
  • All login and account settings
  • All system settings
  • All stored passwords, including WiFi passwords
Yes, everything.
Once you have a backup created, you can save yourself from the following:
  • When you accidentally load malware onto your device
  • Accidental sudden loss of personal data
  • Non-working Android system — could be because of various crashes or a failed flash attempt
  • The need to return to your stock Android image (such as if you’d like to go back to the version of Android that the manufacturer/carrier supplied with it)
Nandroid backups can be used to restore your device to an exact state (which is about as good as a backup could ever get), so it’s really important to have them made and accessible in case something goes wrong (especially when you’re tinkering away with it).

Creating Nandroid Backup

Step 1: Boot into recovery mode and after the ClockworkMod recovery is loaded, open backup and restore from the list of options provided on the main menu.
Step 2: Again select backup from the Nandroid backup sub-menu to start the backup process.
Step 3: The recovery will then calculate the free space available on your device and start the process if sufficient space is available.
The process may take some time depending upon the size of your ROM. After the backup is successfully created, you will be taken back to the CWM home screen.

Restoring Nandroid Backup

When you wish to restore the Nandroid backup, just select the restore option from the Nandroid sub-menu in the recovery. If there’s more than one Nandroid backup saved on your device, the phone will prompt you about the multiple image files present, and that you can select one of them to restore.
That’s all, Nandroid backup is one of the most easiest and effective backup mechanisms one can get for a rooted Android device. Always remember to take a Nandroid backup before you consider doing some major changes on your Android.

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