Details about any Medicine on Android

This app can save your prices by comparing brands of medicine.
It is the App India has been waiting for! Doctors in India generally prescribe drugs by their brand names, rather than their generic names. In a single simple step, this app enables you to find the equivalent brands with prices and their generic names. Since, no Schedule Health drug can be sold without a written prescription, ask your doctor to prescribe the same medicine with a cheaper and equally good brand.

Rishab Sachan (not her real name) is an epileptic. He had been buying Pfizer’s Lyrica, priced at Rs768.56 for a strip of 14 capsules, till a few weeks ago.When the 39-year-old discovered a cheaper alternative, Cipla’s Prebaxe at Rs59 for 10 capsules, she confronted her doctor. “I came across an android application, which compares drugs by prices, brand names, side effects. I immediately tried it out to find cheaper alternatives of Lyrica,

It is widely known that doctors are often tilted towards pharma companies, which directly or indirectly bribe them with cash vouchers or lavish gifts, including foreign holidays. This creates a conflict of interest while prescribing drugs. “It is a fact that doctors frequently prescribe costlier brands when cheaper options with the same efficacy may be available.


It is the resource most used by the common consumers and also healthcare professionals for clinical information & as medical dictionary. 

Use HealthKartPlus to discover cost effective generic drugs that can substitute prescription medicine. Further, you can explore how prescription medicine works & understand the required precaution and contraindication. The application also empowers you to compare drugs by prices, so that you can choose the most cost effective generic drug for a given prescription.
If you are on PC checkout his official Website 


– Search & order medicines
– Place an order by uploading your prescription
– Re-order from previous prescriptions
– Check the availability of medicine near your location
– Real time price comparison
– Find alternative medicines in India
– Choose generics of the drugs
– Save your Favorite medicines and brand for future reference
– Add a medicine to the database yourself
– Over 1 Lakh drugs included in the database
– Save huge on your medicine bills
– Use as Medical Dictionary for Medical Students & Doctors


– Detailed Drug Information
– Maximum Retail Price
– Drug Manufacturer
– Drug Side Effects
– Drug Interactions
– Drug Mechanism 
– Drug Contraindications
– Drug Alternatives & Prices
– Typical Usage Guidelines



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