Disable Camera Shutter Sound in Android

Suppose that you are on a crime screne and you wanna click pictures without anytype of sound.This app is very useful on that situation.Silent Camera Shut Down Your Sound so no more sound coming out of your phone.

 By default, most smartphones produce a distinguishable fake shutter sound when you’re taking a picture.  Sometimes this is appropriate, other times, it can be loud and annoying especially when you’re trying to snap a picture and be discrete about it. For some devices, it’s as easy as just turning down the volume on your device or just disabling the option in your camera app. For others, such as Samsung, you don’t have that luxury. Fortunately, there are some work arounds for this that we’ll show you how to do!
Rooted Apps
If you’ve already managed to root your device, the following solutions might be a little bit better for you. There are several modules available for Xposed that will do this for you with Wanam being a popular one for Samsung devices that works with other devices as well.
Secondly, you can also install an application that requires rooted access, such as Ultimate Sound Control or Silent Camera. Both these apps require root access and allow you to play around with a ton of sound features and aren’t just limited to making sure your shutter sound doesn’t go off when you take a picture.
Silent Camera
The Silent Camera app is very handy you can silently click pictures.This app has its own camera interface that’s why the app is more useful than others.


★Scene can be used
– Photos of children and pets.
– Party camera.
– Shooting sports
【The main features】
☆Silent shooting
☆Continuous shooting ON / OFF . This will continue shooting until you TAP Again.
☆Zoom shooting.
☆Auto focus switching.
* Blue is On, red is Off.
When you tap the camera button, it taks pictures after auto-focus .
If you want to take pictures in easy, you use with auto-focus function.
 Function Off, When you tap the camera button, it taks pictures without auto-focus .
You can shoot faster than with auto-focus.
If you do not want to miss good shooting chance, use this function.
☆Auto focus by tapping the screen
☆”Volume key”
└ You can adjust the speed of continuous shooting.
☆”Best Shot”
└ after continuous shooting, you can choose to save the image.

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