Setup Multiwindow on Android through XMultiWindow

One of the major downside to many Android phones and ROMS is that they don’t include multi-window except Samsung devices, but now you can get multi-window on your very own Android Device If possible try to get a AOSP ROM for your phone for best results.

You get an app called XMultiWindow that allows you to manage which apps you want to be enabled for multi-window. After that just enable multi-window and you’re good to go! You can easily manage two apps side by side in both portrait or landscape mode! 

How to get multi-window on Android
You must be rooted!
This method may not work with every Android device, it mainly depends if your on an AOSP ROM or not!
Easy Android Customization through xposed framework
1. Download Xposed Installer and XMultiWindow APKS to your phone from the links below.
2. Install Xposed Installer and grant SuperSU permission. Remember you need to be rooted!

3. Install XMultiWindow and then activate it within the Xposed app.

4. Open up the XMultiWindow app, set it up, and start multitasking!

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