Use All Android Sensor with One App

Your Android Come with many sensors but we don’t use all sensors because we don’t know about these sensor. This app is a sensor sense app,these app can intialize all your android phone sensor and make them useful in your life.
Have you ever wanted to see the output of all sensors in your device? Now you can easily measure almost everything with your Android™ device.

Sensor Sense

You can use all of your sensors in an android phone.


With Sensor Sense you can view all your sensors in real time.
Most sensors also display a chart with the output of the sensor so you can better watch the changes during the time.
Sensor Sense give you access to:
• Environment sensors
– Temperature sensor
– Light sensor
– Pressure sensor
– Relative humidity
• Motion sensors
– Acceleration
– Gravity sensor
– Gyroscope
– Linear acceleration
– Rotation vector
• Position sensors
– Magnetic field
– Proximity
• Location
– Longitude, latitude and altitude
– Speed and accuracy
• Battery 
– Level, voltage and temperature
– Status and health

Sensor Sense combines all these features with a beautiful Holo design that brings the Pure Android feeling to you.

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