Electric Stun Gun App for Android

This is a best simulator of Electric Stun Gun. Electic Gun you know that’s kind of electric sock. But don’t worry there is a no electric shock in your Android. When you start electric stun gun app ,your phone gonna vibrate. Screen gonna flash and electric flares come out.This is best way to show off your friends.

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 Electric Stun Gun displays a picture of a Stungun-like device on your screen with an on/off switch. When you tap the switch, your Android device flashes and vibrates briefly, simulating an electric shock. Have fun making someone think they are about to get zapped. This may work better with younger, more impressionable people.
– Fool your friends into thinking you have a real electroshock weapon
– Press the on/off button to simulate an electric shock
– Make your device vibrate and flash simultaneously
Several sounds & skins from the menu.

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