F1 Formula officially app for Android to check F1 scores,ranks,check stats

f1 formula app for androidIf you are a fan of F1 formula racing,this app is just made for you.
This is official app announced by formula racing company for android.
The 2014 Formula 1 season is officially here!  Rule changes galore, drivers switching teams, it’s all shaping up to be one fantastic season and you can follow it all on your Android phone or tablet.

As much as we might want to be glued to our TV’s watching every last minute, it just doesn’t happen. But, with a smartphone in our pockets or a tablet in our bags we need never be too far away from the action. 
You can check stats for your favorite team.


Presenting the Official F1® App for Android
The Official Formula 1® App is available for free download
and offers leaderboard, lap times, sector classification,
news stories and session commentary from Formula1.com
throughout the 2014 season in a brand new interface.
Available as an in-app purchase, the F1® 2014 Premium Season
Pass gives users full access to the above, plus exclusive content
• Official Live Timing of all F1® sessions
• In-Corner Analysis comparing drivers’ entry, apex and
exit speeds
• Team Radio Transmissions
• Drag Reduction System (DRS) usage indicator
• Race Control Messages
• Live Tyre Information
• Text and Audio Commentary
• Personalisation Options
• And more!
Follow each round of the 2014 FIA Formula One World
Championship™ like never before!

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