QTADB Android Device Manger : GUI form of ADB use in Forensics

In My previous article Install ADB (Android Debug Bridge) in Windows  and Some Useful Commands for ADB in Windows . If you think you don’t understand command or whatever try these tool. This is Full GUI form of ADB command tool.

 If you’re not in love with the command line, though, QtADB brings ADB’s file management, app installation, and more to a friendly GUI.

QTADB use in Android Forensics.

Whether you’re tweaking a few system files on your phone or trying to root it, sometimes you have no other choice but to run some commands in an ADB shell. The command line can be intimidating, though, not to mention slow and arduous if you haven’t beefed up your command line ninja skills. If you just need to perform a couple quick tasks, qtADB makes the process easy by bringing tons of ADB’s most common uses—from file management to app installation to backups—to a friendly desktop program. It even contains a built-in ADB shell if you find you need to run a manual command or two. You can simply connect your phone to pc with Qtadb.
QTADB also use for android forensics ,example see a logcat.

My Phone Explorer :Control & Share Your Android Phone’s Screen from a PC

QTADB Download Link 

1. File manager

-copying files and dirs between phone and computer
-removing files and dirs
-creating new dir
-and other

2. App manager

-installing apps
-removing apps
-creating backup of apps with data
-restoring backups of apps with data

3. Shell

-opens android shell

4. Screenshot

-take screenshot of your device
-save screenshot to png file

5. Fastboot

-flash bootloader, radio and recovery
-boot recovery

6. Recovery

-nandroid backup/restore
-wipe data
-flash rom
-wipe battery stats
-fix uid mismatches

7. Reboot

-to bootloader
-to recovery
-normal reboot

8. Settings

-set font used by app
-set starting paths (or remember paths on exit)
-and other

9. Automatically detects phone (device, fastboot and 

recovery mode)

it requires installed AndroidSDK and busybox on phone (so and root)
linux and macOS version reguires installed Qt libraries(libqtgui4, libqt4-declarative and libqt4-network 4.7 version)(install it from synaptic or some similar app)

if you have connected phone but the file list is empty run with root permisions:
1)adb kill-server
2)adb start-server
create file:
gksudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules
and insert this line:
SUBSYSTEM==”usb”, SYSFS{idVendor}==”0bb4″, MODE=”0666″

Ive got Xolo a500S with Cyan6 and im testing everything on this. QtADB should work with every phone with busybox

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