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Android Apps For Pc is really in trend and everyone wants to use different types of Android apps on their PcMany tries were doe but none of them got successful and all went in vain and then everyone started thinking that installing Android Apps on pc is impossible but they didn’t lose hope and keep trying and now we have a way to install android apps on pc by using android emulators and today we are going to see how to download Bluestacks Offline Installer For pc.
Running Android Apps in window (PC) is a Virtual Technology that made by bluestack developers.

BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks App Player is a versatile program that bridges the gap between mobile and desktop by allowing users to run their favorite Android apps on their Windows or Mac OS X devices. An innovative “Cloud Connect” feature allows you to push apps from your Android device to Bluestacks, and vice versa. First released to the public in 2011, the program has continued to grow, and is currently free for download in its current beta form. Want to get a taste of Android on your desktop?
Bluestacks is one of the best Android emulators online and has been downloaded million times from when it has been created.It is a Silicon  Valley company that developes Bluestacks App Player and Bluestacks Cloud Connect.You can run bluestacks on Windows Pc,Mac Computer and even on Windows tablets. Here’s how to set up BlueStacks, as well as a rundown of some of its controls and interesting features. 

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1. Installing BlueStacks

How to Download Official Android Apps Directly from Google Play on PC

BlueStacks App Player is available for Windows and OSX computers, and is a quick, compact install to your boot drive (there’s no option in the installer to go to a different drive or directory). The only choice you make during the install is whether to allow the program to make notifications, as well as the option to opt in to BlueStacks Spotlight, which holds daily app giveaways.

2. The Home Screen

Once installed, BlueStacks will boot up to its Home Screen, where you can access your installed apps, look up apps in the “Top Charts,” search for apps, and access settings. You can use the mouse for basic touch controls here, with clicking and holding to simulate basic tap and swipe controls. From here, we’ll need to do a bit more setup before you can get around to installing apps. You’ll need to set up access to the Google Play store and associate a Google Account with BlueStacks.

3. Setting up the App Store

With BlueStacks installed, the first thing you’ll want to do is associate a Google Account so that you can get onto the Google Play store and download apps. Go to “My Apps” and click on “1-Click Sync Setup,” which will bring up a wizard interface that will guide you through the process. Basically, you’ll need to either create a Google account, or sign in with your existing one.

4. Setting up BlueStacks Cloud Connect

An optional step for users with an Android smartphone or tablet is to set up BlueStacks Cloud Connect, an app that allows you to push apps from your Android device to BlueStacks, and vice versa. Download Cloud Connect for your Android device, and then go to the Settings button on BlueStacks and click on “Cloud Connect”.
If you have an Android phone, input an email address as well as your phone number. You will then receive instructions via email and SMS on how to connect your phone to Bluestacks, push apps, and sync SMS.
If you’re running an Android tablet, you instead just use an email address to synch BlueStacks with your device. After registering BlueStacks cloud Connect, you should receive an email containing a PIN number, which you input into the Cloud Connect app.
You should now be able to push apps between your device and BlueStacks. You’re essentially installing the same app on your desktop and mobile device, without syncing app data (such as login credentials or game progress). Still, it’s an easy way to copy apps from your device to BlueStacks, or vice versa.

5. Installing & Running Apps

If you’re not going to sync apps to and from your Android device, you can just use the built in App Search to search for and install apps from Google Play, Amazon, or 1Mobile.
It may seem confusing at first, but BlueStacks won’t let you get to its three built-in app markets directly. You’ll need to go through the App Search button. Type in the name of the app you’re looking for, and it will search 1Mobile, Amazon, and Google Play for matches, and give you the option to install apps from any of the above three stores.
Once you’ve accessed one of the three app stores, you can then navigate that store. Within Google Play, for instance, you can take advantage of the store’s search and other features.
Once you return to the Home Screen, your newly installed app should be ready to run. BlueStacks can run an impressive variety of apps from social networking tools and multimedia apps to games. However, BlueStacks won’t run everything, so expect a little trial and error for compatibility.

6. Controls & Settings

You should now have everything you need to install and run apps from BlueStacks, so we’ll finish up with some extra notes on in-app controls, as well as settings. Unless you happen to be running a touchscreen rig or a Windows 8 tablet, you’re going to need some way to approximate pinch to zoom, as well as tilt controls.
Pinch to Zoom: Control +, or Control –
Tilt Controls: ‘Z’ or ‘X’ can be used to simulate tilting a device left or right.
BlueStacks supports the use of gamepad controls for many apps, which will be a godsend for users looking to play Android games on a PC. Plug in your controller, and Bluestacks should inform you if a particular app supports a controller.
Finally, the Settings menu (gear icon) contains assorted system settings for language, keyboard settings, contacts and account management, and an app manager for uninstalling applications and setting their default sizes.
There’s your quick visual tour of the BlueStacks App Player. It may not run every Android app perfectly, but BlueStacks puts you just a mouse click away from thousands of compelling choices.

You can download Bluestacks App Player from their official site but you get the online installer and it takes online connectivity to install and if Internet is disconnected installtion is aborted and that is why you need Bluestacks Offline Installer.

How To Download Bluestacks Offline Installer :-

There are many external links available on Internet for downloading Bluestacks App Player but most of them doesn’t work and this is why today we are here with Bluestacks App Player Offline Installer.We recommend downloading and installing Bluestacks App Player online but if you have internet problems go with the offline installer of the program and you will surely succeed in installing android apps for pc.

Bluestacks Offline Installer Download Link

File Name: BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_REL.msi
File Size: Approx 137 MB.

How to Install Bluestacks without Graphics Card on your PC

Some of the users might not have Graphics card installed on their PC or not meeting the requirement of minimum 2GB ram can get errors like “Ram must be min 2GB” or “Please update your Graphics card” but with the edited version of installer you can bypass all this errors.
Download the edited version of Bluestack Installer for PC here

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