Change App icon and name in Android Phone

Change App icon and name in Android PhoneEveryone wants some best change for your phone, now this post is about how to change your app icon/remove app icon in android.
Basically you can change app icon because you wanna hide something in suspect app or you don’t like default icon or whatever the reason you have ,I don’t wanna hear it anymore.Changing android app icon has many ways but i picked up only two ways from apps.They are here.

Top 5 Best Free Android Apps 2014 for Customization

Unicon (formerly icon Themer)

These app want root access your phone and if you wanna how to root check our previous post.This apps has ability to change installed apps icon on android device.The main advantages of ths app is you don’t have to change the launcher to set and create new icons on android device.It is very helpful who gonna love their stock launcher but they want some pretty changes.
After downloading and installing Unicon on your device (Download Unicon from Google Play), you have access to more 100 icon themes including the Apex, Nova, and ADW icon packages. 


Unicon (formerly Icon Themer) allows you to use Nova/Apex/ADW etc. icon packs on your device.
You can now use any launcher you prefer (especially Stock launchers!) and still have the power to customize how your application icons look like.
(Note: If your launcher is replacing the icons with their own theme, Unicon would appear to be not working)
Unicon is also more consistent because the icon theme is applied throughout your device and not just confined your launcher!

Install Instructions:

(You only need to follow this if the in-built guide fails)
1. Install Xposed Installer
Easy Android ROMs Customization Through Xposed Framework
2. Install Xposed Framework (from the Xposed Installer app)
3. Activate the module in Xposed Installer app

4. Download Icon Packs from Play Store and apply in Unicon

Unicon (formerly icon Themer)

Icon Changer Free 

This app is awesome there is no need to root.This app has also ability to change android app icons in android devices. The easiest way to decorate your android.Icon Changer is the application that makes shortcut with a new icon at home screen.

Icon can be chosen from gallery and lots of icon packs.

You can decorate your phone!

** HOW TO USE **

2. Choose application or activity to change icons
3. Choose an image from gallery / icon package
4. Icon will be changed!!!!
The changed icon will come on the homescreen.
Icon does not change permanently.
Therefore don’t worry about restoring.

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