Make Free call Without Installing Apps and Internet

Make Free call Without Installing Apps and Internet in Any Phone

Everybody, Make a call by paying money. If you don’t pay money ratherly you use voip service like Skype ,Viber and lots of more.But What do you do when you have no money or no internet avalible.
Basically on internet many apps are avalible and they promise to make free call but they can’t.
In the case of Emergency you just need to use this service called Freekall.
Freekaal is a free call service, In this service you don’t need to install any type of app or going any type of website. This app is totally free of cost.
They make a service where user can call anybody on any devices like phone,smartphones,landlines without installing any type of ios and android apps.

This whole concept is made by M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology in Bangalore Students. They do awesome jobs to making this Freekaal service.

FreeKall makes money by making people listen to advertisements. So, when the call is connected, the user hears an advertisement instead of a ringing tone. And at intervals of two minutes, the caller and the called party will have to pause the conversation and hear an advertisement for many brands.

For now, unregistered users can make calls that last three minutes. For those who register, the conversations can last 12 minutes. This service also offers free international phone calls.

Make Free Calls With Steps by Step

The concept is quite simple and easy for anyone to understand, which could be the key to its success.

  1. To make a FreeKall, all you have to do is dial 18001084444, which connects you to the cloud-powered service.
  2. The call is disconnected after just one ring, You will get a call back from 08067915000. Answer the call and follow the IVR instructions.
  3. Here they can input the number they wish to call followed by hash and the system will connect it.
  4. The amazing things is happen in whole trick is you don’t need any type of internet based smartphones.

This things is work on Iphone 6  and also on Evergreen  Nokia1100 or whatever the phone you have.

What Do you do When you have not a phone but Internt has.

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Make Free call Without Installing Apps and InternetReviewed by Vinay Kumar

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