Make Your Phone as Speedometer

This app is work like speedometer in your car.This app calculates how far you going and what’s your correctly speed.But you think what the use of the app because the speedometer is already in the car.These app used in train,taxi,bus,metro and cycle to see the speed of the transport which you have travel.This is like your personal speedometer.
It combines beautifully designed GPS speedometer with speed camera alerts.
►GPS based speedometer
– Beautiful design with no clutter – essential features only
– Set your own speed alert
– Choose your metrics – km/h or mph
►Trip log 
– Track your mileage 
– See useful statistics 
– View your driving history
►More than 50,000 fixed speed camera locations 
– Avoid fixed cameras with offline database 
– Know where the red-light cameras are hiding 
– Watch out for average-speed checks
►Live community 
– Report new traps & dangers with a single tap 
– With help from other drivers you can stop worrying about speeding fines and fully enjoy your drive

speedometer in android
Speedometer in Android

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