See All Android Activity-Logcat in Android Mobile

When your android run ,android device make a lots a log like when your phone start,when stops,what app runs,what you done,which process run and lots of stuff.All android activity recorded in our phone.So in this post I tell you how can you see all of this activity record in your android Device.
Logcat is very sensitive information ,if any one access your logcat it means your pricvacy is no secure.
You can also see logcat in PC via a ADB SHELL.

According to Google Logcat is a 

Log is a logging class that you can utilize in your code to print out messages to the LogCat.The Android logging system provides a mechanism for collecting and viewing system debug output. Logcat dumps a log of system messages.

See Logcat in Android Mobile via a Android App

aLogcat (free) – logcat

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