Track All Calls,Messages,Data and Wifi Usage in Your Android Phone

In this post I tell you how can you track all of data calls SMS,Data and WiFi usage in One Android App.This is very call you can track all data and after you can analysis like which friends you call most,which app has you used most,which site you open most and same other examples.

Yes, Track it is a four-in-one app loaded with abundant of features, providing you the precise and full fledged tracking on your Calls/SMS/Mobile Data Usage/Wifi usage with persistant notification and dedicated widget support.The tracking is general as well as based on a user-configured plan.
(i.e) Track It acts as a tracker/monitor/call monitor/call counter/sms counter/data traffic counter/wifi usage counter/internet monitor/sms monitor and provides detailed call stats,sms stats,data usage stats.This app is suitable for both postpaid and prepaid call plans,sms plans and data plans.
Highlighted features of the app are listed below:
1). Shows daily/weekly/monthy/custom-period overview of CALLS, SMS, MOBILE DATA USAGE, Wifi Usage with detailed information on count and timing of CALLS/SMS to every contact & Data Usage of every app.

2). Tracks Calls Usage, SMS Usage, Data Usage and WiFi Usage based on a user-configured plan with the cut-off limit specified.
3). Bar-graph representation of overviews for a comparative analysis of day-to-day or hour-to-hour Phone Usage.
4). Allows you to exclude the plan tracking on three conditions

★ Exclude tracking and accounting of all calls/sms in a specified time-interval/whole day(s)
★ Exclude tracking and accounting of all calls/sms sent/received to/from specified contact(s)
★ Exclude tracking and accounting of all calls/sms sent/received to/from specified contact(s) in a specified time-interval/whole day(s)
5). Has Persistent notification feature and dedicated widgets for easy access to the general/plan overview.
6). Alerts periodically through notifications as and when a tracked entity reaches 95% of its limit,exceeds the limit and when the configured plan expires.
7). Intimates the user on an attempt to call,or to connect to the internet if he/she has already reached the limit set and prompts the user to immediately halt the operation(optional).
8). Has an option to exclude Viber Calls.

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