Top 3 Apps for Edit Development Code in Android

If you are developer,web codist or any type of code you writing on PC, but everytime you have no PC ,Now what you do.Can you leave your notebook computer at home and still code on the road? Absolutely. 

Top 3 Apps for Edit Development Code in Android

Can developers write code on an Android Mobile, as an alternative to using their desktop or notebook?  Sure they can – as long as they are equipped with a programmer’s editor that lets them work with HTML or with their favorite programming language.

Working from an Android tablet or phone doesn’t always offer the comfort of working from a desktop or notebook computer, but you can’t beat the convenience. When you need to view or edit code on the go, an Android code editor comes in handy. Grab your handheld tablet computer or even smartphone, and you can peek at error logs, fix an errant line of code, or look over the shoulder of other developers.
So there is list of free android code editor apps.

DroidEdit (free code editor)

DroidEdit is a text and source code editor (similar to Notepad++ or gedit) for android tablets and phones with the following features:
★ Syntax Highlighting for several languages (C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, LaTeX, SQL, …)
★ Several color themes
★ Infinite undo & redo
★ Search & replace
★ Auto & block indentation
★ Keep opened files and changes between sessions
★ Open files directly from dropbox or a file manager
★ Character encoding support
★ Keyboard shortcuts (List below)
★ Share documents with other services (dropbox, email, …)
★ Preview HTML files in browser
★ Bracket matching
★ Go to line
★ Run Scripts in SL4A directly
★ Configurable Shortcuts
Pro version only features:
★ SFTP/FTP support
★ Dropbox support
★ Custom themes
★ Run external commands through SSH
★ Root mode
Using different character encodings:
★ To open a document with a different character encoding than the default: long press the open file button
★ To create a new document with a different character encoding than the default: long press the new file button
★ You can make this behavior the default in the preference screen
Long pressing the save document button allows you to save a document with a different filename

droidedit code editor fro android

Download DroidEdit from Google Play


Codeanywhere is a fast and light code editor engineered for the developer on the go.

Codeanywhere is a text, code and markup editor, that has been redesigned and reengineered to be light, fast, and mobile-friendly. Connect to your FTP, SFTP Servers, Dropbox or Github account and easily manipulate your resources, folders or files just with the swipe of your finger.
Share and collaborate on projects or just a single file – from wherever you are, and of course quickly edit code with our keyboard that has been customised for developers on the go.
Codeanywhere makes developers forget what device they are working on and let them concentrate on getting work done – be it from the iPad, iPhone, or the desktop.

codemeanywhere android app

Key Features:

• Syntax highlighting of more than 75 languages
• Autocomplete for HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and PHP
• FTP and SFTP Client
• Dropbox Client
• GitHub Client
• Codeanywhere Sandbox Client
• Copy or Move files between FTP, SFTP or Dropbox
• Share ( Servers, folders or files with others )
• Keyboard has been customised for developers 
• Cursor navigation for easy text selection 
• Supports most encodings types 
• Auto-indentation 
• Customizable font sizes 
• Undo & Redo 
• Advaced Search ( includes Find , Replace, RegEx and MachCase )
• Code folding and Word wrap
Codeanywhere also works on the desktop (Mac and PC). Access from anywhere at

Quoda Code Editor

Quoda is the powerful text and source code editor for Android, allowing you to code and upload, on the go.
Quoda provides a large set of features to make text and source code editing on your smartphone and tablet both easier and more productive, so you can edit code and text, like you have an IDE in your pocket. With remote connections to SFTP/FTP(S) servers, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Google Apps Script projects, it is the ideal tool for editing source code when away from your computer.


– Edit multiple files at once
– Syntax Highlighting: with themes, and custom fonts
– Cross-session editing: Re-open Quoda and edit code like you never left
– Autosuggestion: currently only for HTML and we’re adding more!
– Find & Replace: Supports Regex and Case (In)sensitivity
– SFTP and FTP(S) Integration
– Dropbox & Google Drive integration
– Google Apps Script support
– Snippets: a built-in library of over 500 common code snippets, and add your own snippets, too!
– Keybindings: completely customisable, too
– Comment out lines and blocks of code
– Live HTML/Markdown Preview (on tablets only)
– HTML and Markdown previewing
– Download URL source codes
– Auto-Detect Character Encoding
– Brace matching
– Auto-Indentation and Block-Indentation
– Go-To Line
– Colour Picker
– HTML Formatter
– Line bookmarking
– And there’s more!

Support All type of Languages

quoda code editor android app

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