Beautiful and Stylish Flesky Keyboard App for your Phone

In Android phone typing is one of the major task. If you want to do this task very smoothly ,you need good keyboard app apk for your android phone. Here I prefer you to download Flesky Keyboard app for android phone.

Flesky is fast ,colorful,comfortable and simple keyboard app for android. The look of the flesky is so eye catching.

flesky android keyboard app

Flesky give your phone looks like android L. Flesky makeover made with Material Design. Flesky keyboard is neat and clean. You only see words when you need.

Flesky Keyboard Features

Enjoy over 600 emoji in the palm of your hand. (Works with Whatsapp/ Facebook Messenger/ Snapchat/ Twitter and all your favs)
Express yourself and your style by customizing your keyboard. Feel like changing things up a little? Change your theme! Explore some of Fleksy’s vibrant, beautiful color themes and keyboard styles.
Wrong letter? Sloppy typing? No Problem! Fleksy will know what word you meant to type even if you mis-type every letter. This smart keyboard doesn’t just look at the letters you press, it looks at the pattern you tap to understand what you meant to type. Type reliably, type beyond prediction.
Tired of pressing backspace? Swipe left anywhere for blazing fast word-by-word delete. Wrong autocorrect? Just swipe down anywhere to change the word! Fleksy’s gestures maximize typing speed and comfort, making typing as simple as on your laptop.
Personalize Fleksy to meet your screen space needs with multiple layout options. Fleksy’s gesture system allows you to minimize the keyboard or even make it invisible and see 100% of your screen.
Track your stats, master typing without looking and share your achievements through My Badges! Collect 30 badges like “Invisible Master”, “Dash Swiper”, and “King of Keyboards” to unlock new themes and extend your free Fleksy trial.
Download Flesky Keyboard apk from Google Play

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