Know how Many People Using your Wifi Network with Android

When you connect your android phone with wifi network. You don’t know how many exact people connect on the same wifi network. If your wifi Network is public that means lots of pc and mobile connected your wifi network. 

fing wifi analyzer

Fing is a Android app that tells your every wifi user name and his ip with mac. MAC means(Media Access Control) this is a unique id of any mobile or pc.
Fing is network analyzer for android phone. 

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Fing has many features see below.

1. Display all mac address with device manufacturer
2. Search any user with his ip or mac
3. Service scan eg: FTP,SSH
4. Ping and Traceroute
5. DNS lookup
6. Totally free app without any ads
7. Wake on LAN

Fing is very important app when you want to see how many people using your wifi internet connection. If you found any strange device ,immediately change your wifi password. 
So download android wifi analyzer apk from google play store. 

Download Fing From Google Play

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