How to Remove Your Number From TrueCaller App

Truecaller is one of the best way for find owner of the any Phone Number. Most of the Android user registered yourself at Truecaller. So if you are Truecaller user anyone can find your name with your Mobile Number. I know Truecaller is good service but sometime you don’t  like this service for your privacy.

remove mobile number from truecaller

  So here in this I tell you How can you remove your phone number from Truecaller database.
Remove Yourself from Truecaller App
1. Open Truecaller Website and login with your Facebook or Google.
2. Now open Truecaller Unlist Webpage.
3. Type your Number and select any option.
4. Below you find Unlist Button click on that.
Now you successfully remove yourself from Truecaller.
 Now search again your Mobile Number in Truecaller ,If you found nothing that means you got success.

If you not login in the truecaller app, so truecaller send you verification code.

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