How to Share and Store Large Files Online Free from Computer and Android

If you face problem on sharing large files on Internet , this guide for you. In this post we give you some best ideas for sharing  large files on Internet.

There are many options for sharing large files on Internet like upload files on cloud,peer to peer and much more.

How to Share and Store Large Files Online Free from Computer and Android

So how you share you Files on Internet with Pc and Android Free

1. Dropbox 

Dropbox is one of the best and popular cloud based storage Web App. Dropbox give you free 2GB storage for normal users. You can upload your document,videos and picture on Dropbox. Dropbox is also works on Android with Dropbox Android App.

2. Google Drive

 Google Drive is Google Based online storage company. Google Give you free 15 GB storage for every user. Google drive is so popular in students. With google drive you can live edit your photos and documents. You can make and edit presentation and other office files. Google Drive also come for android.

3. Onedrive

Onedrive is owned by Microsoft. If you run Windows 8 you know about them. You can store your personal data and other files on them. Onedrive is most secure web app for cloud based storage. Onedrive give you free storage upto 15GB. Onedrive also offers you live editing for documents.

4. MediaFire

Mediafire gives you unlimited storage but only file size limit is here for free users. But you can upload large files by splitting them. Mediafire uploading speed is awesome than other apps. Many blogger and sites and using mediafire for sharing files and documents.

5. Jumpshare

Jumpshare is another cloud based storage for sharing files online. Jumpshare give 2B  to 7GB storage for pc and android. Jumpshare also come for windows app and android app. In Jumshare free user file size limit is 250Mb.

So above you see top 5 best cloud based storage. With this storage you can share online files with your friends and readers.

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