Increase the Size of Your HardDisk up to 2TB by Creating Virtual HardDisk

All Computer geeks always want something new tricks for computer, this time in this blog +prophethacker  post a trick with this trick you can increase the size of your Hard Disk.
But this is a prank Trick, In this trick we create a virtual hard drive on computer. This Hard disk works like real , you do whatever you want with this hard disk like copying and  storing data.

Increase the Size of Your HardDisk up to 2TB by Creating Virtual HardDisk

Create Fake File at any Size and any format without any software in Windows

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    Creating a Virtual Hard Drive

    1. For creating virtual hard drive we need to some simple steps see below.
    Press Windows Key and type computer, now open Computer Management.
    2. The Computer Management screen opens click on Disk Management then Action and Create VHD.

    create vhd


    3. Browse to any of your hard disk and type the file name whatever you want.
    Choose the size in GB.(If you want 500GB virtual hard disk then type 500 in blank space). Select Dynamic.

    fake hard disk size


    4. In Disk Management you will see the virtual drive listed as unallocated space.

    unallocated space


    5. To begin using it you’ll need to Right-click and select Initialize Disk.

    Initialize Disk.

    6.In the initialize disk box just keep MBR selected and hit OK.


    7. Now it is time to create a volume by Right-clicking the unallocated space and select New Simple Volume.

    hard disk

    8. Now the new volume dialog bix open click on next then next.

    NEW VOLUME wizard
    9. The wizard is complete, click on Finish.

    With this trick you create Fake Hard Disk of of any size whatever you want.
    Prank your friends with this trick and if you found something new from these trick Contact Me.

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