Most Important Top 10 Google Search Tricks

We know Google as a Search Engine but Google is Much More than Search Engine. Here I  post some best Hidden Tricks By Google Search. These Hidden Tricks are no more hidden when  you know all of these tricks. These tricks helps of you learn more about Google Searches. 

Most Important Top 10 Google Search Tricks

Google Search Top 10 Features Hidden Trick

1. Google Calculator

With this feature you can easily calculate values. Search Google Calculator in search box and you Google Calculator panel. Or you can directly input value with Calculate sign like this(5 + 4).

Google Calculator

2. Search Specific Site on Google

When you search anything on Google ,Google give you results from many website. But with this feature you can get search result from specific site
like this Hack Android. is website and Hack Android is keyword.

Search Specific Site on Google

3. Currency Converter

This tool is so helpful when you wanna find out dollar into rupee. You can convert all type of money with latest rates. In the Google Search box search currency calculator or you can directly search dollar into rupee. 

Currency Converter

4. Check Local Time 

Google show you real local time. If you watch tell you wrong, you set and check real time from Google.
Example:  Time Kanpur
You can replace your City with Kanpur ,so you get real time from Google.

Check Local Time

5. Search for Specific File in Search Results

This is very important trick when you want pdf or exe file. With these trick you can directly get pdf or other file links in Search results. You don’t need to open any website. So with these option searching a computer files is so easy.
Example: filetype:pdf hacking
replace pdf with your file extension and hacking with your keywords.

Search for Specific File in Search Results

6. Check population and other public data of Any City

This feature is so helpful for students and other project work. With this feature you can check any country,state and city population and other public records.
Example: population Kanpur
Replace Kanpur with your city ,state and Country and check results.

Check population and other public data of Any City

7. Check Spell

With this feature you can check your spelling is right or not.
just put your words in google searches and if is wrong google tell you in Did you mean.

Check Spell

8.  Google Weather

You can check weather of any state from this google Trick. You need to search weather followed by location.
Example: weather Kanpur
replace kanpur with your location

Google Weather

9. Google Suicide Helpline

If anybody search for suicide on google , google give you helpline number related  country.

Google Suicide Helpline

10. Define any Words

You can know any word meaning with just simple trick. If you don’t word meaning just type define and type your words. Google tell you exact mean of these words.
Example: define hack
replace hack with your words.

Define any Words

  So friends this is not it. In future you see more google search tricks posts on my Blog.
For More Google Tricks Check Out Our Google Section.

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