My Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions

Goggle Chrome is one of the best web browser for PC. With Google Chrome every Internet user got new experience. In here we post some best top 5 Google Chrome Extension for every Internet user. With these extension you life is easier for accessing different things like android mobile,friend computer,websites,mail and much more. 

Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Every Internet User

Top 5 Best Google ChromeExtension

1. Alexa ToolBar 
Alexa is awesome extension and website. With alexa you can see any website rank and position at worldwide. You can see website health and analytics from this extension. This is most important tool for any computer geeks.
alexa toolbar

2. Gmail Offline
Gmail Offline gives you ability to read your gmail messages when you are offline and you have no Internet connection. It automatically synced when you connected to Internet.
downlaod gmail offline

3. Capture Screenshot 
With this extension you can capture any website or webpage screenshot in one click. With this extension you can edit any capture screenshot and share with your friends.

4. Chrome Remote Desktop
This RDP tool is made by google. With this extension you can control any pc from from his access code.This is so helpful when your friends needs help. With this tool you can control his system. This extension works on cross platform, that means you can control Windows,Mac , and Linux from any os. You can also control pc from android phone.

chrome remote desktop

5. Pushbullet :Get Android Notification in Desktop
With these extension you can get your all android notification in PC . You can also reply all messages from your computer. With Pushbullet you can share files and links from phone to pc.

pushbullet chrome app

So this is not it. Soon you see many posts about Google Chrome extemnsion.
Use this extension and browse our Google Section.

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