Run HackerTyper Prank Website Without Internet Offline

Hackertyper is a prank website. In this website you need to only press button and this website automatically type predefined word. With this website you prank your friends. When you open Hackertyper and type anything you feel like hacker.  In this website hidden features is when you press double time TAB key or ALT Key , Hackertyper pop-ups and shows message like Access Denied or Access Granted.

Run HackerTyper Website Without Internet Offline
But this website need Internet Connection, so here I tell you how can you use this website without Internet. 
For Offline Hackertyper you need to do simple setup. If you know about XAMPP or WAMP, this thing is really easy for you. 

Setup  Offline Hackertyper

  • Download XAMPP software 
  • Install this software in your system
  • Open C: drive and find Xampp folder
  • In the Xampp folder you see htdocs folder ,open it
  • Now you need to download Hackertyper offline file
  • Copy hackertyper offline file into htdocs folder
  • Right click into the offline files and click on extract here
    hackertyper offline
  • Now you see a new folder comes named hacker
  • Press the Window key and type xampp in search box
  • Open Xampp Control Panel and start Apache and Mysql Service
  • Open your Browser and Go to http://localhost/hacker/
  • Now you see Hackertyper is running offline without Internet

Hackertyper is prank site not a hacking website. 

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