Share your Web Browser from Web Screen Sharing

Surfly is a screen sharing platform website. With this website you can share what you browse in your browser. This website control only your browser. This is very good for presentation. This website is very helpful when you want help of your Friend for Internet and website related problems.


Surfly runs without any software, so you don’t need to install any type of extension or add-on for browser.
Surfly is multiple user platform that means many people see what you really do in your computer. Surfly is secure from others remote controllers because in this system you can share specific website not a system.

How You Use Surfly

  • Open Surfly website and create account
  • Login with your username and password 
  • Type a website whatever you want 
  • Share your link with friends.
  • Last thing don’t forget to logout.

surfly  link

How can You Use Surfly

1. If you want help of your friends for creating web application
2. Watch movies with your friends
3. Help your friends
4. Browse blocked websites
5. Share your screen so other see what you really do 

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