Top 5 Best Google Play App Store Alternatives

Google Play Store app is most Important app in Android Phone. Without this app you cannot download other android apps. In Google Play all apps are Official and legal to download. But many other legal or illegal are not in Google Play store. That’s why here we post some best Google Play Store Alternatives.

google play alternatives

Google Play Cons:

  • Sometimes Google Play give download or many type of errors.
  • You need to Google Account for downloading apps.
  • Only Legal Apps.
  • Regional Apps, means you can’t download other region apps.

Top 5 Best Google Play Alternatives

1. Mobogenie

Mobogenie is third party app store for android apps. In this app store you don’t need to sign in any type of account. You found lots of features in one android app. With this app you can download all type of android without region block. Mobogenie comes with many features like you can download youtube videos directly from Mobogenie app.  Mobogenie also give you Android PC Manager. With this utility you can manage your phone from PC.
Mobogenie Features
  • Download Youtube Videos.
  • Download Pictures and Music from Mobogenie
  • Categorised Apps

Downlaod Mobogenie Android Apps Store

mobogenie android apps store

    2. Amazon App Store

    Amazon is big Online Shopping company . Now they officially Launched Amazon Android App Store. Amazon main features is Amazon give lots of paid android apps free. With Amazon you need to sign in with your Amazon ID. 
    Download Amazon Apps Store

    amazon android apps store

    3. Snappea

    Snapea is much more like Mobogenie app. Both of these android app store feature is same. Snappea also give you PC Manager for manage your Android from pc. But the main feature is you can download android apps from Snappea PC Manager and then install android apps in Phone.

    snapea app store

    Download Snappea Android App

    4. Mobomarket

    Mobomarket is yet another app in app store races. This android apps comes with so many features. Like in this you found lots of utilities like clean manager and cache cleaner. Mobomarket same feature as Mobogenie and Snappea.
    Download Mobomarket Android App 

    mobo market app

    5. Blackmart

    This android app is totally different from above apps. Why because this android app store gives you all latest and paid android apps free. With this android apps store you don’t need any type of money for buying apps. You got all premium apps free. 
    Download Blackmart

    blackmart android app

    I suggest you download all apps . If you download all apps you know all apps features. 

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