Top 5 Best Ways for speeding up your Windows 7 and Window 8

Windows PC is one of the best OS ever made. We run many task and do whatever we want with Windows. Here I post Some Best Top 5 ways for speeding up your Windows 7. If your computer running with very slow speed or you wanna prevent your computer from slow speed , so you just need to follow these steps:-

Keep Your Antivirus Running and Upto date

Always use latest version of Antivirus in your Windows PC. Everybody know in  Internet there are many type of virus and malware. If you run a good antivirus in your PC ,you PC is more secure and fast. So I suggest you download Microsoft Essentials in your PC. This is totally free by Microsoft.

Remove Programs that Launch at Startup

When you start your computer , Many programs are start automatically. These programs affect your boot process speed and system speed. You can stop these programs by running msconfig in run.

msconfig windows 7

Remove Unwanted Programs by Uninstalling

Many times people install so many programs in computer. So I suggest you to remove unwanted software/programs in your computer by Uninstalling. Install only Important Software and never install software from Torrent sites. 

Remove Unwanted Programs by Uninstalling

Delete Temporary Files and Junk Files in Computer

When you install software ,browse the Internet, Play the Game and do any type of activity in computer, your computer make lots of temporary files in temp folder. If you want speed up your computer, so remove that files.
Download CCleaner Software for removing junk files.

Top 10 Windows Software for Every Windows User

Defragment Your HardDrives by Time to Time

Harddisk defragmenting is the most important thing if your computer data transfer speed is slow. You can do this task atleast one time a week.

Defragment Your HardDrives by Time to Time

So follow this guide and you can speed up your window 7 and 8 for Internet, gaming ,booting, perfomence, startup and more.

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