How to Check if Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked

Hackers are targeting Gmails in these days. Gmail is the main center of your all accounts. If Hacker hack your Gmail Account, He can easily access your all Social Networking Websites and Other Websites Account. So you need to worry about your Gmail account. If you think your gmail account password is compromised and used by someone on Internet. Here I post a method with this method you can easily check who logged in your Gmail account.

recent activity on gmail

Steps for Checking Your Gmail Account is Hacked or Not

1. Log in into your Gmail using your username and password.
2. Click on “Details” link on bottom-right of the page.”Details” link appears below “Last account activity” on bottom-right of the page.

recent activity on gmail

3. In Recent Activity Window you see when you logged in from Which IP. Recent activity also show locations of your logged in Computer. 

recent activity on gmail

4. Click on “Sign out all other sessions” if you are unsure that you have not logged out from your account. By clicking this option Gmail will sign out all other sessions from which you have logged in.

This is the basic method to know your gmail is hacked or not. 

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