How to Enable Reader Mode in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Reader Mode clear all cutters and junk in your browser. With reader mode you can read your article clearly. Reader mode show only webpages post and clear all widgets and ad on website.
Reader Mode comes in all browser, In this post I tell you How can you activate or use this service in your browser. 

How to Enable Reader Mode in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Many Browser give you reader by default like Google Chrome and Maxthon. If you want Reader Mode in Mozilla PC Web Browser you need to download add-on.

Evernote Clearly 

This add-on and extension is created by Evernote. Evernote Clearly removes all type of advertisements and distractions from website and give you clear webpage for reading your articles.

Clearly is made by Evernote, so you can save your articles on Evernote for reading later.Clearly make your web experience more enjoyable. Clearly is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Download Evernote Clearly for Google Chrome

Evernote Clearly from Chrome Store

Download Evernote Clearly for Mozilla Firefox

Evernote Clearly from Mozilla Store

In Google Chrome this feature in default so you can use reader mode in Google without installing any type of extension. Below Picture you see reader mode button. Click on that button and enjoy reader mode.

google chrome reader mode

Try Reader mode in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, they change your web browsing experiance.

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