WhatsApp Web – Feature Allows You to Chat From Your Google Chrome Browser

Now the wait is over Whatsapp finally comes for Web. Yeah this is right now you can chat with your friends from Whatsapp web.
Whatsapp officially launch this feature for all Whatsapp users.
Whatsapp Web runs on Google Chrome browser and this feature give you ability to read and send Whatsapp messages from browser.


1. All WhatsApp users simply need to open Chrome and navigate to http://web.whatsapp.com

Whatsapp Web

2. To get started chatting via WhatsApp on the desktop, head into your app on Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry. You’ll see a “WhatsApp Web” screen, which is where you scan the QR code on WhatsApp’s web portal.(Please make sure you download latest version of Whatsapp from Google Play).

*Right time this feature is not avilable for iOS devices.
A QR code will appear on the web page, which must be scanned using WhatsApp mobile application to activate the service.

By scanning the QR code that appears, users will automatically have paired their mobile WhatsApp with the WhatsApp web client, as shown. 
For Whatsapp Web you need to download and run latest version of whatsapp from Google Play.The feature currently works on Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, but unfortunately, there’s no web solution at this time for iOS users because of limitations of the platform.

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