Find/Check Open all TCP and UDP Ports

Everybody want free Internet in Android Mobile and Windows PC. On internet many fake and working tricks are available for free internet. Almost 95% tricks are fake that’s why many people don’t believe in free Internet. These days almost all ISP blocked TCP and UDP open ports. In this post I show you how can you find open ports in your ISP. You can find open ports in Aircel, Idea, Airtel, Reliance, BSNL, Vodafone and all other ISP.

Find Open TCP/UDP Ports

Find Open TCP/UDP Ports

If you find open ports in your ISP  , you can enjoy free internet. Finding open ports is legal because you use legal tools. So don’t worry about anything illegal. We use Microsoft ports scanner for finding open TCP and UDP port in ISP.

PortQry is command line utility that means this tool run in your CMD prompt. With this tool you scan all 65535 TCP/UDP ports. Portqry command line utility is totally free and download available on Microsoft Website.

How you Use PortQry for finding all Open TCP/UDP Ports in 2015

  • Download PortQry Tool from Microsoft Website Link.
  • Install this tool in your system and open C:\ Drive.
  • Shift+Right Click on PortQryV2 Folder and Click on command windows here.
    Open Command Windows Here

    Open Command Windows Here

  • Now you see your open command prompt window, type Portqry and press enter.
    portqry command line utility

    portqry command line utility

  • PortQry.exe tool is open in your Command prompt, read all parameters.
  • For Finding all Open 65535 TCP Ports type this command:

portqry -n 111.112.545.678 -r 1:65535 -l logfile.txt

111.112.545.678  :    replace your computer ip

logfile.txt is a file that can save your all open ports logs in your computer. Logfile is saved in C:\PortQryV2 folder.

  • For Finding all Open 65535 UDP Ports type this command:

portqry -n -p udp 111.112.545.678 -r 1:65535 -l logfile.txt

For finding best results read all parameters in Portqry tool. With this tool you find open Ports  in windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. You can also these tools for finding local ports in your computer from this command.     portqry -local. 

Use this tool and if you got any problem comment below. I feel very happy to help you. If you find any open ports in your ISP commant below and share with us.


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