Find Your Android Phone Number in Settings

In Android Phone if you don’t know your phone number .Here I give you instructions for finding your phone number in android phone. When you put new simcard in phone ,you don’t know your phone number. You call other person to know your phone number. But if you follow my steps you know you sim number without calling other person.

Find Mobile Number in Android

Find Mobile Number in Android

Just Follow below instructions for find your android mobile phone number in android.

  • Open Settings in Android Phone. 
  • Scroll Down and select “About Phone”. This may be differ in other versions of android phone.
    about phone in android

    about phone in android

  • Select “Status” option 
    sim information in android
  • Now finally select “Sim Status”.
  • Scroll down and you see your phone number.
    sim number in android

Why my phone number show as”Unknown” ?
This is problem in your sim card. Sometimes you not sim card properly. Reset your sim card.

This is the perfect way for finding your sim card mobile number in android phone.

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