Increase Internet Download and Browsing Speed 2015

Slow internet is one of the biggest road stone in your success. Many users in India and other countries faced slow internet speed. We always think if we get high-speed , we download blah – blah. If you are a blogger, you always need good speed for uploading and downloading images, videos and other contents. In this post we discuss how you get high internet speed.  Check your Current internet speed from Wwebsite.   Check out our previous guide for How to speed up a slow computer in 2015 .

Increase Internet Speed

Increase Internet Speed

Top 10 Ways for Increase your Internet Speed 2015


1. Choose Good Internet Service Provider

Always choose good ISP service in your area. If you live in Major Indian Cities there are many options available in your area like Tikkona, Sikka, BSNL , Reliance, Airtel and other Broadband services. Choose one of  them with good internet speed plan. If you using 3G that is very good but 3G is very costly for a normal internet user so I suggest you go with Broadband.

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2. Choose Good Hardware for 3G Modems and Routers

Many users use Broadband but they not get high-speed. Main problem is your hardware , update your hardware with latest and new tech. If you are running 3G modems buy 21Mbps and 42Mbps modems for high-speed 3G.

3. Use Good Browser for Browsing Internet

All things setup , your Internet is working in your computer. Now you need to choose good internet browser for your pc. If you running with 2GB Memory never use Google Chrome because google chrome consumes lots of memory. Go with other lite Browser like Opera Mini and Maxthon.

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4. Clean your History, Temporary files and Cache files

Clean your all computer junks from your computer. When you browse internet in your computer your computer  saved lots of website data in your computer , so I suggest you to remove this unused data. You can remove this junks from CCleaner software.

5. Remove Unused Extension from Browser

When you browse internet with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox , these browser used lots of extensions that’s why you get slow internet speed in browsing. Remove unused and harmful extension for getting fast browsing experience.

6. Download files and other media from Download Manager

Always use Good Download Manager for downloading files from website. Download manager increase your download speed up to 50% . Download IDM or Free Download Manager from Official Website.

See Video for Increasing Internet Speed in IDM.

IDM Speed

IDM Speed

7. Remove Virus and Trojans from Computer

Install good antivirus in your computer for removing virus and trojans from your computer. Virus download and send malicious data from your computer. For your computer security download Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus from Official Website.

8. Remove Images and Scripts from Webpage

If you used very slow internet like 2G , so I suggest you to remove images and scripts from webpages. Install Vivaldi Browser for browsing best experience with images or without Images. Vivaldi is new web browser that give you amazing internet speed  in your computer.

9. Stop Windows Update and other Software Automatic Updates

When you install Windows OS in your Computer , windows download automatic updates. Stop Windows 7 and Windows 10  from downloading windows updates. Quit all software for downloading automatic updates.

10. Change your Computer DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) that can change your domain name into ip. Changing DNS can increase your internet speed. Download DNS Jumper software for hack dns speed in your system. This thing works in all countries , so with this method you increase your internet speed.

DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper

11. Browse Mobile Website

If you browse internet with very slow network like 2G, I recommend you to use Mobile Version Website. For you browse, mobile version consumes low mb in your pc and browse fastly with this method. Eery major websites provides you mobile version website like  .

Follow all above method for increasing your internet speed. If you choose High Internet speed you always get high-speed. So my friend leave 2G and Get 3G or Broadband services.

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