Top 20 Windows Software for Every Windows User 2015

#16 Rainmeter (Desktop Customization Software)

Rainmeter is windows desktop customization tool. Rainmeter make your desktop very decent, eye-catching and system analytics. You can do more with this software with your windows. Below screenshot you see what you can do with this software.



Download Virtualbox

#17 Evernote (For Saving Ideas)

Evernote is one of the most popular software for taking and saving notes. You can save your ideas in PC. You can see your save ideas in mobile or any other web platform from evernote website.



Download Virtualbox

#18 Shareit (Transfer file Mobile-PC Wirelessly)

Shareit can transfer your computer files into your mobile wirelessly. You can send and files from mobile to computer wirelessly with high-speed.



Download Shareit

#19 MS Office (Making and Editing Documents)

MS office is one of the best software for making and editing documents in window PC. You can create documents and presentations for offiice. Edit any document files but this software is not free. You can download trial version from Microsoft Website.

Download MS Office

#20 Comodo Firewall (Network Security)

When you connect your pc to Internet lots of Unwanted software connected to internet. Comodo software blocked those software for connecting internet. Comodo secure your network from hackers.

Download Comodo Firewall

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