10 Important Google URLs that Every Internet User Should Know

Google always do something better and unique for his customers that’s why Google is Number 1 product in Internet. Now Google is much more than search engine. Google provide lots of services and tools like Gmail, Google Search, Google Plus, Google Play and more.

Here we post some best Google urls that gonna help you make in Google Pro User. With these below url you can use more helpful google services from your computer.

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10 Important Google URLs You Should Know

Here’s the 10 important Google URLs that every Google user should know about. So, lets know about these Google URLs and strong your vocabulary about Google.

1. https://helpouts.google.com

Like the name Google Helpouts help needy people from people. In Google Helpout there are lots of professional who can help you through video calls. You need to pay something for any type of help in computer field, science field or education field. This service is very helpful if you want some technical help but you don’t know how you get it.

2. https://history.google.com

When you search anything in Google.com , google save your all queries. This is true or you can also see your all google searches from this url. You can delete this queries from this url. You can see your all google searches day by day or month by month from thus url. Also Read : How to Stop and Remove Google from Tracking your Searches and Websites

3. https://developers.google.com/

Google made this website for developers/coders and programmer. Here you find lots of codes from many developers. You can also create your own program from this google website. Here you find lots of tools and services for developer.

4. http://google.com/settings/ads

Google show you most relevant and your interest based ads on your computer. But we don’t know how google find my interest and other things. Google uses many things and tools for showing most relevant based ads. Actually Google use Google Plus account for tracking our activity. Google also track what we search on internet and which website we browse. In this url you control , what google know about for showing most relevant based ads in your profile or computer.

5. https://www.google.com/alerts

Google Alerts is yet another service from google that I think very few people know about it. This is very useful for internet user. With this amazing service you get email alerts on any topic, company, celebrity , product or anything you want. Go this url and search for anything you wanna recieve alert in gmail.

6. https://www.google.com/takeout

You can full backup of your entire Google Profile from this url. This is true buddy , with this url you can create backup of your emails, photos, searches, bookmarks and many more. For more see our previous article Download all data from Google using Google Takeout -Backup of your Google Life .

7. https://www.google.com/settings/security

You wanna change your Google password or wanna delete google product from your profile, go to this url. In this url you can change your registered mobile phone number and change your security settings.

8. http://www.google.com/shopping

Google is one of the best guide in anything , in this url you can see and compare lots of products. In Google Shopping , Google compares lots of online company products. If you wanna buy something from online websites , go to Google Shopping Url.

9. https://maps.google.com/locationhistory

We all know google tracks our locations and show them in Google Plus Profile. If you want to know where have you been going and see your location , go to this url. You can see your visited place from this url.

10. https://www.google.com/ads/admob

Admob is a ad service from Google. If you are an owner of any android app, you can use this service for promoting , analyzing and monetizing their apps.

Here I put only 10 Important Google Urls for any Internet user or Google Products user. Google give many services and tools , but this is just beginning In future we post more on this topic.

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